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La Cosecha Coffee


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We have all seen it in stores: 100% Colombian Coffee. In fact, we tend to relate Colombian Coffee to a high quality bean. But the question is: why do we have this concept? What are Colombian farmers doing differently? What do the mountains in Colombia have that makes it so special.

In this article we will solve some of this questions. Also, you will find here some interesting facts. If you are reading this, you are probably coffee lover. You also care about what coffee are you putting in your cup.

Which country produces the most coffee

Let's begin with quantity. Did you know that there are 70 countries producing coffee in the whole world? However, the 5 larger producers are: Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia and Ethiopia. 

Colombian Coffee

Yes, Colombia is the third largest producer of coffee in the whole world. However, they are the world’s largest producer of mild washed arabica beans. Colombia managed to produce 12.6 million bags of 60 Kilograms in 2021. This is 9% less than their 2020 harvest. 

Colombia grows coffee in 16 different regions within three mountain regions. They enjoy access to both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. This amazing for shipping and logistics. They have better access to markets 


El Tiple is produced in the Huila Region by a group of various small farmers. They produce their coffee between  1670-1950 meters over the sea level. Harvest time in this region is between September and December. 

Most of Colombia's coffee is Arabica. The Huila region produces a type of arabica called Caturra and they use washed process. 

El Tiple Excelso

Tiple is a musical instrument. In fact it is very distinctive of the region. This instrument is used as an accompanying or solo instrument. Genuine Origin selected this name because the Huila coffee and be enjoyed as a single origin or a blend. 

At la Cosecha Coffee, we love how El Tiple tastes by itself. It has the character of the farmers who produce it. 

Coffee Farmers in Colombia

Antioquia, Santander and Cundinamarca were the original main coffee regions. People from the Huila region would travel to this places to work as labor. Upon their return, they brought money and knowledge. 

Huila became the largest producer of Colombian Coffee. People no longer needed to travel to find work. Instead, they developed their homeland as the largest producer.

Colombian Mountains Coffee 

Like we said before, the Huila Region is well known for producing some of the best Colombian coffee. The altitud and latitud of this region favors the crop. They produce a type of Arabica called Caturra. When you add all this variables, the result is an amazing cup of coffee.

This Colombia Huila has a dessert-like quality with undertones of golden raisin and almond. The flavor has notes of chocolate, citrus and nuts. Offering a light body with mild acidity.